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Current Projects

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The many kaddish composed over time and in different places are surprisingly varied and far from always sad. Fascinated by this diversity, I have brought together a collection of kaddish written from the 16th century to the present day. As with every composition, behind every kaddish hides an interesting story which will be talled and performed during the presentation.

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Contrabassist Shaya Feldman and saxophonist Maayan James are MASH, a unique Brussels-based duo. Through their multidisciplinary approach, incorporating visual, theatrical and nonsense elements, MASH explores and challenges the limits of music.  

The performances integrate the experiences of classical music, modern music, Middle Eastern music, jazz, and free improvisation - all original works composed by the duo or by composers inspired to craft works especially for MASH.  

Zvov duo is an ensemble of viola and double bass.
Their work takes place in the symbiotic continuum between humor and pain.
They combine cabaret and theatricality, a lot of absurdity, social and political criticism. criticism - social, political and personal.
Their work is eclectic and exudes diverse musical styles along with various performing arts.


One man, one double bass and a thousand possibilities. Shaya Feldman, bassist, dada artist and composer invites you to join his artistic and musical universe: a melting pot of disciplines, genres and languages. The program is made up of his own compositions, each with its unique character to form together the ideal and fleeting balance between formal rigor, pure lyricism and absurd humor.


What would it sound like if we mixed the dancing claves of South America with the lyrical Melodies of classical music? Or if we sprinkle the colorful harmony of jazz with the burning inflections of Arabic maqâms ?

Jaqâmaz is an acoustic live music band composed of 5 musicians: Robin Solé on drums, Shaya Feldman on doublebasse, Juliette Lacroix on cello, Hussein Rassim on voice and oud and Joachim Ségalard on the piano.


"Dadastrof" performs original songs in various styles and languages, often incorporating contemporary interpretations of Dadaist texts.


Their cabaret-style performances have been highly regarded not only on stage, but also in coffee houses and intimate house venues where they can establish a strong connection with their audience. The show is full of humor and captivates audiences with its creative and unconventional musical style.

Currently, the duo is active and continues to bring their unique blend of music and performance to audiences around the world.

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