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"Dadastrof" draws its inspiration from the Dada movement, incorporating contemporary interpretations of Dadaist texts into Shaya's original scores, which are performed in various styles and languages. Shaya's contrabass, sound poetry, and composition skills provide the backbone of their music, while Myriam's theatrical background lends a unique quality to their performances.


Their cabaret-style shows are not limited to traditional stages; they have captivated audiences in coffee houses and intimate venues where their unconventional style shines. Their performances are full of humor, evoking both laughter and thought.

The duo is currently working on their debut album, set to be released in 2024, and they continue to share their unique blend of music and performance with audiences worldwide.

Shaya Feldman, a specialist in Dadaism and Gibberish, and Myriam Roth Ron, a singer and actress, have been friends for over three decades. Their artistic collaboration spans many projects, but it was only last year that they formed the musical duo known as "Dadastrof".

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