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What would it sound like

if we mixed the dancing

claves of South America

with the lyrical Melodies of classical music?

Or if we sprinkle the colorful harmony of jazz with the burning inflections of Arabic maqâms ?

Jaqâmaz is an acoustic live music band composed of 5 musicians: Robin Solé on drums, Shaya Feldman on doublebasse, Juliette Lacroix on cello, Hussein Rassim on voice and oud and Joachim Ségalard on the piano.
With all the origins it matches, Jamqâmaz is a crossroad, a meeting point between five worlds. First of all we seek to combine all the richness that our different cultures can provide in order to create something new. Therefore each member has a great responsibility inside the group.

Everyone has to share his influence to find the right balance with others. If we win this bet, this music might open doors. To those who seems familiar with the swing and the blues chords, the sound of the Ud could wake up their desire to see beyond the Mediterranean Sea? To those who sing with plaisir the orchestral Melodies, their body will irresistibly be attracted by the Latin grooves.
In short, everything is gathered to touch various sensibilities and merge them into new horizons.

Here is how we met:

A recording session in studio, what a way to start a project! Yes, even if some of the members know each other for a while, the first time we found the four of us gathered, it was in a studio to record. Going out of the studio:

“Wow! Great session.. we need to do a concert !!”

And boom ! No time to wait, we find ourself with a concert at Pianofabriek. Result, a room full of people and lots of smiles.

So there is no way we stop now !!

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