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Dead Birds

Navigating the art world's gray area between hobby and profession gets pretty fuzzy. This webpage's content sits closer to hobbyist expression with an artsy twist. But, why showcase photos of deceased birds on my site?


About five years back, I had a moment that kicked off this quirky fascination. I stumbled upon a bird perched lifeless on a garden fence. Unlike the usual squished road casualties, this one had intact wings and captivating eyes that seemed to peek into another realm. Caught up in the scene, I snapped a pic, triggering a change. Suddenly, I started noticing other dead birds, each with its own unique beauty.




With my phone as a shield from the harsh reality, I captured these moments, focusing on the visual appeal. Soon, patterns emerged: seasons influenced bird numbers, and certain city spots saw more bird mishaps (Brussels, my home, had a pigeon problem). I wondered if it was Brussels' pigeon population or just their recklessness.


I transformed into a collector, dashing to capture fallen birds before cars messed them up, appreciating their textures, shapes, and colors. Each photo felt like a tiny win – a personal badge of honor.


Once, I printed and exhibited these pics, telling a story of a peace-challenged dove from the last 2000 years. It morphed into kid-friendly music shows with my duo "Zvov," making the art somewhat lose its spark. But hey, isn't that what I made the website for?


As a kid, I'd chase flying birds. Now, I'm into the still ones. This view gives me a unique lens on reality. Hope my story helps you see this oddity in a new light or prompts your own adventure in looking at life from a fresh angle.



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