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zvov sensory

By shutting down one of our senses, the brain starts to replace the impulses with imagination.

other senses increase the level of alertness.



This performance invites the audience to enter a space of imagined reality, led by sounds, including 2 string instrument, and other sensory stimulations. 



You're welcome to come unprepared



Since 2015 Zvov Sensory was performed in theaters, festivals and other private venues.

we have also went to the outdoors, to the nature, from beaches to forests.

The project have traveled, we have met and facilitated experiences in The Netherlands, Belgium, Czech-republic, Denmark and Israel.

Zvov Sensory was premiered in Koninklijk Conservatory Spring Festival 2015, The Hague.

The concept was created as a collaborative project of Zvov String trio and Kc Composition department, with composers Yvonne Freckmann and Liisa Hirsch.

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