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In a world based on logical separations and dividing  people to boxes...

we say:

no more!

no more clarity!

no more understanding! we’re done!

this leads nowhere!

We want chaos!!!

Hop on Babel's “mess train”: a classical Strings-duo gone bad, lots of bla-bla text in gibberish and other languages you won’t understand.  Costumes in bad taste, unfinished characters, unrelated songs.

Babel tells the story of the Zvov trio who got lost in common sense but found itself united in the shelter of nonsense.







In the past years we've created and developed music and theater under the concept of Babel: a performative tower made from the leftovers of languages, societies and cultures; from dismantled borders between disciplines, genres and countries. 
Viola and double-bass, songs and gibberish, theater and dance - all together  create music-theater performance of a surrealistic and imaginary world.








The myth of the tower of Babylon (babel) tells the story of the creation of the different languages.

The show is inspired by the moment in the story in which mankind, who all spoke a single united language, suddenly started to speak each in their own language, and could no longer understand the other.

If the common interpretation of the story sees this moment as a punishment, we suggest the opposite: a chance to become different; to shout one’s otherness in creative ways; to celebrate the chaos and cacophony of languages and use them as a rich musical source. Brick by brick, we create an eclectic collage of cultures.

We offer you a hug together with a slap. 

The characters of Babel interact in a language that does not convey clear information; it relies on prosody – the music of language.
One can never be sure if the performers “speak” the music, or “play” the language. 
In the spirit of Dada, the show transforms language into a creative playground, stretching over geographical borders, challenging the integrity of disciplines and musical styles. 
Babel fights the defined limits of music, communication and languages, while maintaining the effort of being fun.

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