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Zvov invites you to the first bird eurovision: 13 birds competing for the title

"the new bird of peace"

and you get to vote!

join them for an acoustic dada-music-theater performance, with 13 musical miniatures, costumes, movement and hope for world peace.

Origami Flapping Birds

a musical competition to choose the new bird of peace, instead of the dove, who tried with great effort, but still failed to bring us the longed-for peace.

Woodpecker, Kieviet, Duck, Pheasant, Parrot, Magpie and more, and only one bird will win! Who will it be?


For each bird we composed an original musical miniature about a minute long, for Viola and Double-bass, combining influences of contemporary music, folk, classical music, jazz, pop and gibberish, together with colorful pop-up costumes as only birds know, wing-breaking choreography and beak-sharp creativity. 

Come and give your voice to peace - at every show the audience votes, with whistles and eggs, for the new bird of peace.

This is a musical-theatrical, humorous and interactive show, combining movement and theater, that will expand hearts and make you spread your wings.


Creation, original music, text and performance - Maya Felixbrodt and Shaya Feldman.

Directed and written by Amit Gor

Costumes - Esther Goldschmidt, Ronnie Sagi

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