Shaya Feldman is an international contrabass player, composer and multi-disciplinary Dada artist, based in Brussels. He is currently a doctoral student at Orpheus Instituut and the University of Leiden, doing artistic research on the language of gibberish. He is a graduate of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and the Conservatoire Nationale de Paris, and served as the head of the string instruments department at the Lod Conservatory in Israel. As a bass player Shaya performed with many orchestras; National Opera of Paris, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, the European and Israeli youth orchestras and he is a member of the string trio Zvov. As a composer, Shaya has performed his original works in Europe, the USA and Israel and cooperates frequently with composers of contemporary music. As a researcher, Shaya wrote his Master thesis on Dada music, emphasizing its continued relevance for the contemporary classical music scene, insofar as it pushes limits, challenges entrenched conceptions and insists on accessibility and social relevance. Shaya participated at the EPARM meeting in Antwerpen (2017), SAR conference in The Hague (2016), and give lecture and workshops at Mousrara school of art and at the JAMD in Jerusalem.